Love my job, but I’m glad it’s Friday.
It looks as if it’s finally warming up, too.

I stumbled across this funny (and quirky) little article from an Indianapolis magician.

My two cats kissed this morning.  Makes me so happy to see them get along.

Things I’m Grateful For

There are so many things I’m grateful for.
Some of them tend to be repeated every day,
like my amazing boyfriend and best friend.  He’s 8 or 9 inches shorter than I am,
but he inspires me to reach new heights (I’m a couple inches taller than 6′, btw).

I also am lucky enough to have the best father in the world.  He’s wonderful in so many ways, and I should stop this sentence here before this becomes a book.

Then there’s my house.  Yes, it has its loud, creaky floors, drafty windows and doors,
but it’s so much better than the house before it–in so many ways.
The historical area in the city, the higher ceilings (my boyfriend says his thoughts tend to go up only as high as the ceiling he’s under), and heating/air conditioning.

Chai Legs Sitting White Dress

Sitting on My Porch

When cataloging all the many things I’m grateful for, there tends to be repetition.  Because of the repetition, I sometimes find myself just going through the motions.

Now I add a new constraint.  I like this kind of constraint, because in a way, it’s liberating.  It can sometimes make it easier to think of stuff when the question is more specific.  You say,

“What are some things that happened this week that I’m grateful for?”

This ensures that your gratitude list is fresh.


A New Chapter


Me, in the distance, on my recent trip to Alabama

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here, and of course a lot of life has happened.
That’s probably the reason picking up where I left off feels so daunting now.

There have been new places, and new faces.
I’ll get into that more in forthcoming entries.

I just felt like starting again.

Pinky’s Pick : Most Stellar State


So here’s the skinny, my peaches —

I know, I’m definitely a southern girl at heart (born and raised), so my obvious choice for “favorite US state” is the beautiful state of Georgia. If you’ve never been to the peach state – it’s absolutely remarkable.

Stone Mountain Marketplace

Stone Mountain on Easter Sunday



*There’s always so much to do in Atlanta, Athens and beyond.

*Georgia (especially, Atlanta) is the new Hollywood.

*The weather is beautiful.

*It’s full of friendly people too, if you like that sort of thing. This girl DOES.

*It’s even fun to drive in the peach state for so many reasons.


IMG_20140601_195833096_HDRIMG_20140530_153320124(2) IMG_20140611_124208820 IMG_20140503_111331031




*Georgia Aquarium

*Stone Mountain

*The World of Coca-Cola

*Centennial Olympic Park

*Atlanta Botanical Garden

*Six Flags Over Georgia

This is a great link of just 30 of the amazing things about Georgia (not your typical tourist spots).



Atlanta and surrounding areas all throughout Georgia are catching major attention, in terms of filming locations. Of course, if you watch the Bravo Network – you’re familiar with The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine, both filmed primarily, in Atlanta. But if you don’t, there’s a more comprehensive list here or I’ve made a quick list of some of the shows and movies that were filmed here:

Fried Green Tomatoes, The Hunger Games, Fast and Furious (most recent), The Walking Dead, Driving Miss Daisy, Family Feud (Dad, E, Lyn, if y’all come down here together — we’re ALL signing up for this), Party Down South (season two) and Jack Black has been filming for the new Goosebumps movie just a short drive away from where I live…I could go on and on, but I won’t. This is supposed to be the short list, y’all.

(Most of these I just recently discovered were  filmed in Georgia.)


Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Juliette, GA, the primary filming location for “Fried Green Tomatoes” — not far from where I live…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia

If you like nature, outdoorsy kinds of things or spending time outside — Georgia is the place to be. The weather, in my opinion is warm and pleasant. Georgia has mountainous regions, islands off the southern coast, gorgeous tall trees and pines that stay green all year. There’s so much beauty in Georgia. Honestly, what more could a nature-loving girl (or guy) ask for?


The people are even super nice, to boot. In this girl’s opinion, they’re rated an ‘above average friendliness’ status over the entire US population. People are considerate, down-to-earth and helpful here. For a girl who’s starting over, this is a welcome breath of fresh air, the freshest.


It’s a big state. So that means more driving for this chick.

Northern Georgia Highway

Northern Georgia Highway

When I lived Indiana, driving was a less than pleasant experience.

Here, it’s all about the open road, country or highway, both happen to be pretty enjoyable for me.

With the exception of Atlanta where it’s “drive faster or be driven over”, which can be exhilarating, in it’s own way. My original trips to and from Atlanta were still pretty terrifying, at first.  Now I’m kind of starting to dig it. 🙂

Stone Mountain Entrance

Stone Mountain Entrance







Overall, I love the state of Georgia. What’s not to love? I mean, where else can you buy…… “Peches”? 😉

Peches. That's right. Peches

Peches. That’s right. Peches



Love, Pinky


Pinky Sees The Light


Helloo blog..again. How I’ve missed you.


I took some time off from updating my blog. But after advisement from my Dad – I’ve decided to try dipping back into the much-missed ocean of words, again.




The written word has always been one of my most favorite means of expression. It was something, I thought I’d always have, too. Up until about 2 months ago, I had invisible restraints keeping me still and silent for quite a while. I was living in a world of secret thoughts and fear of saying anything…but now, Pinky has gotten her voice back and is going to town…



Quick briefing: For the past year, my 9-year relationship had not been on the best of terms. I had fallen out of love, and I had fallen out, fast. Even though, I felt better by telling him my feelings – giving him the information I told him was, in hind sight, probably more hurtful than helpful. The truthfulness affected both of us in a very powerful and terminal way. The distance between us grew further and further, until we were both lost in a downward whirlpool. We were drowning, never to return to the surface again. But not letting go, maybe for fear of going under alone, I’m not sure. Even though we held on tightly – the loneliness we both felt was staggering. During that year-long struggle, we could always both, sense the heaviness of our relationship, which was our existence.

We had both begun to feel the effects and tried to repair the remnants of our relationship. For him, the best way to handle the situation was to keep me under his thumb, as much as possible. In my case, I felt like something was eating away at every part of me, especially my soul. I was literally, torn apart in every way. I didn’t want to stay, but couldn’t live with leaving him with nothing. His daily pleas and building anger began to break down what had once been, my very strong determination and confidence to start a new life (without him).  Under a heavy burden of guilt, I stayed longer than I should have. Perhaps staying by his side had established some sort of moral victory, I’m still not sure. I do know, it almost destroyed me and drove me into a world of silence and despair. But, I’m so happy and so thankful that this story has a happy ending.

Back to the story…

Throughout all of this, I had completely lost my voice. I was afraid to talk to anyone else about it and I couldn’t talk to him. I spent many sleepless nights debating over whether I should end it and how to do it. Ultimately, it came down to my Dad (and my brother) who I am forever grateful for — they helped me to find my way out of this overwhelmingly tragic relationship.

On April 18, ’14 I left Indiana and moved to Georgia. The decision to leave was a difficult one. I had to leave everything I had known for the past 9 years behind me. When I say ‘everything’, I mean, ‘everything’. I left with a bag that held enough clothes for a 9-day trip. I left my dogs, my babies. I had no other choice. I had to look boldly in the face of my fears and doubts and all of those fun things and keep right on going. Although, the decision was not easy to make – once, I made up my mind everything else just flowed and I knew I had made the right decision.

I couldn’t be happier about moving to Georgia and making this transition. I see a very bright future ahead of me. Now, I’m looking forward. I’m spending my time growing and accomplishing my goals. I’ll save my goals/plans  for a later post. 🙂 Right now, I’m seeing the world and all of its treasures through brand spankin’ new eyes — and loving every glorious detail. I couldn’t be more grateful for this re-birth and a chance for a new life.




Pinky’s Travels




Pinky’s Travels Map made using this website:

After finding this nifty site via (okay, it was months ago) – I realize: I have a lot of undiscovered territory. Places in the US & Canada I’d most like to visit are:

1.  Prince Edward Island, Canada

2.  Washington state

3.  Oregon

4.  Northern California

5. Texas

Thank you for reading! Fill out your map and post it here. I’d love it. 🙂

Yours Truly,


Pinky’s Top 7 Most Loveable, Lick-Your-Face Mutt List

norwich terrier

Looking for love in the form of a four-legged friend?

Whether they’re wagging their tail happily, giving sloppy kisses, snuggling on the couch or sitting adoringly at your feet — dogs LOVE to LOVE you, baby. Pinky quickly learned from working with dogs that most (if not all) dogs like to give and take love. But these “mutt” breeds take the cake:

Big Breeds (just more mutt to love)

  • Weimaraner

These silver beauties always have a special place in this dog-lover’s  heart. They love to love and they’re good at letting their people know it, too.

They’re playful, smart and always full of heart. It doesn’t take long for this breed to warm up to people and they LOVE to be in the presence of the owners and families. Due to their gentle nature, they make great pets for seniors and smaller children. Weimaraner love to play and learn new tricks, but most importantly — these dogs love to love their humans. This breed is devoted and will be content to be right next to their owners, as much as is dog-gone possible.

English Yellow Labrador and American Black Lab

English Yellow Labrador and American Black Lab

  • Labrador Retriever

Oh my! I simply can’t say enough about this lovable breed. They’re great to have with children, especially older active children because these cute, furry rascals are perpetual “kids at heart”. Their energy level is matched only by the boundless amounts of love they have to give. & we’re talking BOUNDless andBOUNDing love – this breed is incredibly sweet! In Pinky’s observations, the lab “flavors” chocolate, vanilla (yellow), and licorice (black) each have their own individual quirks.

Black labs are TYPically, the most laid back and love showing off and learning tricks. Just in this girl’s experience.

Chocolate labs make excellent family dogs, they’re protective of their people and loyal — lots of energy with the chocolates, though.

Yellow labs are energetic and very sweet — many have will have a “pop-up” ornery streak that can be endearing.

ALL of the labradors I’ve come across have been very lovable. Personally,  I prefer English labradors — just because they’re more laid back, but that’s just my  preference. American field labs are a perfect match for active families who want a loving and energetic companion.

I got the pleasure of learning several new breeds while working with dogs….well, “new-to-me” breeds. Leonberger, Dogue De Bourdeux, Bouvier des Flanders, Airedale, Akita and Cane Corso are just a few of the unusual, rarely heard of breeds Pinky got the privilege to know, and most-pertinently, the Vizsla. This chick just adores this loving and gentle breed. They’re sleek and graceful, which reminds me of the Weimaraner, but a  bit calmer and maybe even gentler than the weim breed.

I fondly rememeber one Vizsla named Sasha, in particular who was very affectionate. She used to climb on my lap to give hugs. And somehow, manage to curl herself into a comfortable position in my lap, any time I would be around, in the sitting position. Vizslas are most commonly smooth-haired, but there are wire-haired versions of this gorgeous breed too. I  believe those searching for a very loving, calm and gentle (medium-size) dog would be tickled pink with a vizsla.

“New Dog Breeds” to Pinky — Have you heard of these?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Newfoundland


I  love, LOVE, LOVE “Newfies”. They’re so endearing with their big, “dopey” looks, clumsy walk and hopelessly, cheerful demeanor. Newfoundland owners please understand this description is stated with nothing but love for the breed — they’re one of my FAVORITE breeds.

Before, anyone gets too excited, it’s important to understand — these dogs are meant for wide, open spaces and true dog lovers. They slobber and drool, they shed and they need consistent grooming. On top of that, they’re massive, which amounts to a massive amount of slobber and shedding. This is why it’s crucial to have the house and yard space for these loving beasts. Those of you who do, this girl is envious of you. These dogs are just that special. They’re so gentle and sweet and of course, very loving and devoted to their people. Newfoundlands are so loving and devoted, in fact that the breed is known for rescuing their humans in an emergency situation. They’re great pets for seniors and children as long as they’re equipped to handle these big babies with big hearts.

The smaller set (apartment-size, but loveable)



  • Pomeranian

My goodness, these furry little puffballs of fun are not only adorable, but they’re so loving and loyal. They might tend to be a little on the yappy side, but their happy dispositions and loving personalities can help one look past this tiny flaw. Plus, training can always benefit any dog. Yes, even a pom-pom. I  love Poms — they’re very affectionate and love to be in the presence of their owners…almost to a fault.

American Eskimo Dog

I first got the pleasure of meeting an American Eskimo dog when I went to work at the humane society in 2008. Sampson, was a 15 year-old AE who had spent much of his life inside the walls of the shelter. Sampson had a bit of a stranger-danger barking issue, but once you got past that — the little guy was an absolute love bug. He could walk, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t love to be carried outside, giving kisses all the way.

Sampson had an incredible personality, that thankfully someone saw. A man who lived several states away in Wisconsin stumbled across Sampson’s profile on He drove the entire trip and adopted the cute, little fella. The owner kept in contact with the shelter regularly (even sent pictures). He relayed information about Sampson settling in with their family, right away. He even bonded very quickly with his new sister, another older AE. Sampson lived the last year of his life happy, spoiled, and in a family where he loved and gave love. Everyone at the shelter adored this special, little dog and missed seeing his smile every day, but couldn’t be happier of the outcome.

Jetta, The Doxie

Jetta, The Doxie

  • Dachshund

Jetta, my doxie girl is one of the most loving dogs on the planet. She loves virtually everyone she meets and she is a lap-hopping, kissing fool. Dachshunds, by nature are very affectionate. They are happiest when they are surrounded by their family and the bigger the family (or the more members around), the happier they are. They love to sit on laps and are some of the best snugglers because they like to burrow in.

Prior to owning a dachshund, I was not a fan of the breed. They’re notoriously one of the more aggressive small dogs around, they’re stubborn and they’re known to bark. But when I wanted a dog, and I found out “baby Jetta” was being passed around like a holiday fruitcake (3 homes already at only 6 months old) — I knew something had to be done. I drove to meet her and it was love at first sight. Jetta greeted me with a lick on the face & that’s all she wrote. She’s been by my side, as a sweet and loving companion ever since. : )

Face-lickers and snugglers that didn’t make the list, but deserve a mention:

This is Pinky’s  list, but that doesn’t meant that there aren’t loving dogs in every breed.

And let’s not forget about mutts too — some of the biggest lovers are mixed breed mutts!

<Those searching for a particular breed can do a breed-specific search on to find the perfect pet for your family..>

Pinky’s Top 10 Stephen King Horror Flick List


In my humble opinion, Stephen King is the ultimate master of horror films. That’s why I didn’t feel it was right to combine his masterpieces with the others in Pinky Chai’s Horror, Haunts and Zombie Boo Flicks Top 25 List (posted 20Oct / 2013). So, I’m sure you’ve been waiting in breathless anticipation for it, so here it is:

Pinky’s Top 10 Stephen King Horror Flick List

# 10: The Mangler : Classic old Stephen King

# 9: Stand by Me : Love it — watch the trailer

# 8: 1408 : I think I may’ve stayed at this “motel hell” before

#7: Cujo : Most attack dogs don’t wag their tails..

#6: Carrie : A classic.

#5: Dolores Claiborne : Haunting, but great plot — it’s true, “husbands die every day”

#4: Rose Red : This movie is long, but worth it if you like a good SK scare

#3: Misery : Classic! Kathy Bates is phenomenal

#2: Creepshow 2 : Thanks for the ride, lady! Love that scene : )

#1: The Shining : Great script, great movie, great scene

If you like Stephen King, hit me up and tell me your top picks:

It’s always a good time to watch a Stephen King film, so let’s get ghoulish…

A Pinky is Worth a Thousand Words

Driving near Seymour, IndianaDriving near Seymour, Indiana

Driving near Seymour, Indiana

Heaven is under our feet as
well as over our heads.

Henry David Thoreau

Love the trees until their
leaves fall off, then encourage
them to try again next year.

-Chad Sugg

Brown County State Park, Indiana

Near Brown County (Nashville, Indiana)

Every man has his secret sorrows
which the world knows not; and often
times we call a man cold when he is
only sad.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Robert Frost

fall autumn tree

The best remedy for those who
are afraid, lonely or unhappy
is to go outside, somewhere
where they can be quite alone
with the heavens, nature and
God. Because only then does
one feel that all is as it should
be and that God wishes to see
people happy, amidst the
simple beauty of nature. As
longs as this exists, and it
certainly always will, I know
that then there will always be
comfort for every sorrow,
whatever the circumstances
may be. And I firmly believe
that nature brings solace in
all troubles.

Anne Frank

Driving near Columbus, Indiana

Driving near Columbus, Indiana

Those who contemplate the
beauty of the earth find
reserves of strength that will
endure as long as life lasts.
There is something infinitely
healing in the repeated
refrains of nature — the
assurance that dawn comes
after night, and spring after

Rachel Carson

Adopt the pace of nature: her
secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Brown County State Park, Indiana

Our task must be to free
ourselves… by widening our
circle of compassion to
embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature and
it’s beauty.

Albert Einstein

And then there are the times
when the wolves are silent
and the moon is howling.

George Carlin

Fall's pretty colors

Fall’s pretty colors

Everybody needs beauty as
well as bread, places to play
in and pray in, where nature
may heal and give strength to
body and soul.

John Muir

Downtown Suburbia

Downtown Suburbs (Southern Indiana)

I think having land and not
ruining it is the most
beautiful art that anybody
could ever want.

Andy Warhol



Pinky’s Top 10 Kiddie (Not-so-scary) Fright Flick List

Looking for “kiddie-safe” fright flicks for your little monsters?ID-100210067

I think there aren’t enough “wholesome” halloween movies for kids, but here are 10 great titles to watch with your little ones. Check out Pinky’s top 10 Halloween flick picks for kids…or ‘kid’dies at heart:

<<Click link to Unleash The YouTube trailer>>

10. Tom and Jerry Halloween Hi-Jinks

9. The Witches

8. Casper (cartoon clip)

7. Alvin The Chipmunks Meet The Wolf Man

6. Labyrinth

5. The Little Vampire

4. Monsters Inc.

3. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

2. A Monster in Paris

1. Hocus Pocus

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