Love my job, but I’m glad it’s Friday.
It looks as if it’s finally warming up, too.

I stumbled across this funny (and quirky) little article from an Indianapolis magician.

My two cats kissed this morning.  Makes me so happy to see them get along.

Things I’m Grateful For

There are so many things I’m grateful for.
Some of them tend to be repeated every day,
like my amazing boyfriend and best friend.  He’s 8 or 9 inches shorter than I am,
but he inspires me to reach new heights (I’m a couple inches taller than 6′, btw).

I also am lucky enough to have the best father in the world.  He’s wonderful in so many ways, and I should stop this sentence here before this becomes a book.

Then there’s my house.  Yes, it has its loud, creaky floors, drafty windows and doors,
but it’s so much better than the house before it–in so many ways.
The historical area in the city, the higher ceilings (my boyfriend says his thoughts tend to go up only as high as the ceiling he’s under), and heating/air conditioning.

Chai Legs Sitting White Dress

Sitting on My Porch

When cataloging all the many things I’m grateful for, there tends to be repetition.  Because of the repetition, I sometimes find myself just going through the motions.

Now I add a new constraint.  I like this kind of constraint, because in a way, it’s liberating.  It can sometimes make it easier to think of stuff when the question is more specific.  You say,

“What are some things that happened this week that I’m grateful for?”

This ensures that your gratitude list is fresh.

A New Chapter


Me, in the distance, on my recent trip to Alabama

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here, and of course a lot of life has happened.
That’s probably the reason picking up where I left off feels so daunting now.

There have been new places, and new faces.
I’ll get into that more in forthcoming entries.

I just felt like starting again.

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