Pinky’s Pick : Most Stellar State


So here’s the skinny, my peaches —

I know, I’m definitely a southern girl at heart (born and raised), so my obvious choice for “favorite US state” is the beautiful state of Georgia. If you’ve never been to the peach state – it’s absolutely remarkable.

Stone Mountain Marketplace

Stone Mountain on Easter Sunday



*There’s always so much to do in Atlanta, Athens and beyond.

*Georgia (especially, Atlanta) is the new Hollywood.

*The weather is beautiful.

*It’s full of friendly people too, if you like that sort of thing. This girl DOES.

*It’s even fun to drive in the peach state for so many reasons.


IMG_20140601_195833096_HDRIMG_20140530_153320124(2) IMG_20140611_124208820 IMG_20140503_111331031




*Georgia Aquarium

*Stone Mountain

*The World of Coca-Cola

*Centennial Olympic Park

*Atlanta Botanical Garden

*Six Flags Over Georgia

This is a great link of just 30 of the amazing things about Georgia (not your typical tourist spots).



Atlanta and surrounding areas all throughout Georgia are catching major attention, in terms of filming locations. Of course, if you watch the Bravo Network – you’re familiar with The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine, both filmed primarily, in Atlanta. But if you don’t, there’s a more comprehensive list here or I’ve made a quick list of some of the shows and movies that were filmed here:

Fried Green Tomatoes, The Hunger Games, Fast and Furious (most recent), The Walking Dead, Driving Miss Daisy, Family Feud (Dad, E, Lyn, if y’all come down here together — we’re ALL signing up for this), Party Down South (season two) and Jack Black has been filming for the new Goosebumps movie just a short drive away from where I live…I could go on and on, but I won’t. This is supposed to be the short list, y’all.

(Most of these I just recently discovered were  filmed in Georgia.)


Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Juliette, GA, the primary filming location for “Fried Green Tomatoes” — not far from where I live…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia

If you like nature, outdoorsy kinds of things or spending time outside — Georgia is the place to be. The weather, in my opinion is warm and pleasant. Georgia has mountainous regions, islands off the southern coast, gorgeous tall trees and pines that stay green all year. There’s so much beauty in Georgia. Honestly, what more could a nature-loving girl (or guy) ask for?


The people are even super nice, to boot. In this girl’s opinion, they’re rated an ‘above average friendliness’ status over the entire US population. People are considerate, down-to-earth and helpful here. For a girl who’s starting over, this is a welcome breath of fresh air, the freshest.


It’s a big state. So that means more driving for this chick.

Northern Georgia Highway

Northern Georgia Highway

When I lived Indiana, driving was a less than pleasant experience.

Here, it’s all about the open road, country or highway, both happen to be pretty enjoyable for me.

With the exception of Atlanta where it’s “drive faster or be driven over”, which can be exhilarating, in it’s own way. My original trips to and from Atlanta were still pretty terrifying, at first.  Now I’m kind of starting to dig it. 🙂

Stone Mountain Entrance

Stone Mountain Entrance







Overall, I love the state of Georgia. What’s not to love? I mean, where else can you buy…… “Peches”? 😉

Peches. That's right. Peches

Peches. That’s right. Peches



Love, Pinky


Pinky Sees The Light


Helloo blog..again. How I’ve missed you.


I took some time off from updating my blog. But after advisement from my Dad – I’ve decided to try dipping back into the much-missed ocean of words, again.




The written word has always been one of my most favorite means of expression. It was something, I thought I’d always have, too. Up until about 2 months ago, I had invisible restraints keeping me still and silent for quite a while. I was living in a world of secret thoughts and fear of saying anything…but now, Pinky has gotten her voice back and is going to town…



Quick briefing: For the past year, my 9-year relationship had not been on the best of terms. I had fallen out of love, and I had fallen out, fast. Even though, I felt better by telling him my feelings – giving him the information I told him was, in hind sight, probably more hurtful than helpful. The truthfulness affected both of us in a very powerful and terminal way. The distance between us grew further and further, until we were both lost in a downward whirlpool. We were drowning, never to return to the surface again. But not letting go, maybe for fear of going under alone, I’m not sure. Even though we held on tightly – the loneliness we both felt was staggering. During that year-long struggle, we could always both, sense the heaviness of our relationship, which was our existence.

We had both begun to feel the effects and tried to repair the remnants of our relationship. For him, the best way to handle the situation was to keep me under his thumb, as much as possible. In my case, I felt like something was eating away at every part of me, especially my soul. I was literally, torn apart in every way. I didn’t want to stay, but couldn’t live with leaving him with nothing. His daily pleas and building anger began to break down what had once been, my very strong determination and confidence to start a new life (without him).  Under a heavy burden of guilt, I stayed longer than I should have. Perhaps staying by his side had established some sort of moral victory, I’m still not sure. I do know, it almost destroyed me and drove me into a world of silence and despair. But, I’m so happy and so thankful that this story has a happy ending.

Back to the story…

Throughout all of this, I had completely lost my voice. I was afraid to talk to anyone else about it and I couldn’t talk to him. I spent many sleepless nights debating over whether I should end it and how to do it. Ultimately, it came down to my Dad (and my brother) who I am forever grateful for — they helped me to find my way out of this overwhelmingly tragic relationship.

On April 18, ’14 I left Indiana and moved to Georgia. The decision to leave was a difficult one. I had to leave everything I had known for the past 9 years behind me. When I say ‘everything’, I mean, ‘everything’. I left with a bag that held enough clothes for a 9-day trip. I left my dogs, my babies. I had no other choice. I had to look boldly in the face of my fears and doubts and all of those fun things and keep right on going. Although, the decision was not easy to make – once, I made up my mind everything else just flowed and I knew I had made the right decision.

I couldn’t be happier about moving to Georgia and making this transition. I see a very bright future ahead of me. Now, I’m looking forward. I’m spending my time growing and accomplishing my goals. I’ll save my goals/plans  for a later post. 🙂 Right now, I’m seeing the world and all of its treasures through brand spankin’ new eyes — and loving every glorious detail. I couldn’t be more grateful for this re-birth and a chance for a new life.




Pinky Chai’s All-Natural ‘Boo’-Licious Beauty Blends

If you follow my blog, you know I love food. I’ve discovered a few more uses for food — beyond just feeding your face. Here is my list of all-natural beauty tips, remedies and regimens…Halloween-style:

Face lines from evil cackling?


Squeeze juice from 2 white grapes and mix with 1 teaspoon of sugar -- Leave on skin for 15 minutes & rinse. Repeat 2x a week.

Squeeze juice from 2 white grapes and mix with 1 teaspoon of sugar — Leave on skin for 15 minutes & rinse. Repeat 2x a week.

Smooth wrinkles, crows feet and laugh lines with white grapes. This super fruit contains alpha-hydroxy acids (much like expensive acid peels) that dissolve and exfoliate the dead outer layer of skin.


You don’t need expensive collagen implants. White tea wards off evil wrinkles and keeps skin soft and youthful-looking by boosting skin’s natural collagen.

Sip 1 cup of white tea a day to keep skin smooth from wrinkles and to keep skin soft and supple.

Sip 1 cup of white tea a day to keep skin smooth from wrinkles and to keep skin soft and supple.


Pumpkin works as a softener to skin, especially when combined with other yummy ingredients like, yogurt (an all-natural exfoliant) and oats (a great skin moisturizer). Keep skin soft and smooth with the witches’ brew below.

Monster mash 3 medium strawberries together with 1 tablespoons of honey. Spread onto face and let sit for 10-15 minutes to reap the benefits of this breakout banisher.

Monster mash 3 medium strawberries together with 1 tablespoons of honey. Spread onto face and let sit for 10-15 minutes to reap the benefits of this breakout banisher.

Need to “scare away” breakouts?


Strawberries banish dry skin and honey works as a natural astringent by making blemishes disappear. The yummy concoction below, scares away blackheads, pimples AND dry skin — like poof!



Need a sleep potion for restless nights?


Drink a glass of cherry juice for restful sleep before climbing into your coffin at night.

Drink a glass of cherry juice for restful sleep before climbing into your coffin at night.

Cherry juice contains a natural pain-killing ingredient, which promotes more restful sleep. Research suggests and The Count agrees — you’ll get a good 17 more minutes of deep sleep by drinking this wickedly good nightcap.

Feel like a zombie from lack of sleep?



Ginger offers a variety of benefits among soothing evil tummy troubles and easing achiness to promote a more restful sleep.

Mix up a wicked brew of ginger tea for a good night's sleep.

Mix up a wicked brew of ginger tea for a good night’s sleep.

Scratchy throat from shrieking and howling at the moon?


Bring 1 teaspoon of flax seeds and 1 cup of water to a boil. Simmer for 10 minutes. Strain seeds and sip while warm.

Bring 1 teaspoon of flax seeds and 1 cup of water to a boil. Simmer for 10 minutes. Strain seeds and sip while warm.

Flax seed is an all-natural ingredient that loosens pflegm. Use the witchy spell below, to get back to howling, pflegm-free! As a bonus, flax seed helps to curb mood swings.


Put peppermint tea in your cauldron and inhale.

Put peppermint tea in your cauldron and inhale the steamy, peppermint goodness.

The natural menthol in peppermint tea releases sinister pflegm (better than over-the-counter expectorants) and gets you back to your old self, again.

vinegar bottles

Bring this unsightly affliction to a dead end by mixing 1 part vinegar and 2 parts warm water for a “fungus-freaking” foot soak. Soak feet for 15 minutes daily to banish the evil fungus banshee, for good.

Nail fungus creeping up on you?


This common household product stops fungus and athlete’s foot in its’ tracks. The acid in vinegar destroys fungus, like garlic does to vampires.

Flat, dull hair got you feeling witchy?


Combine 2 tablespoons of fresh rosemary and 2 cups of water into a pot. Boil. Simmer for 3 minutes. Cool and transfer the elixer into a spray bottle. Spritz on hair to make it glisten and shine.


Don’t shy away from the light just because your hair isn’t shiny and lustrous. Make it shine and glisten in the sunlight (AND the moonlight) with this clever concoction.

rosemary and mint conditioner

or…try my fave cheap conditioner EverStrong Sulfate-Free Fortify System Reconstruct Conditioner by L’Oreal Paris. It costs $6-8 at any department store or drug store. It is one of the best conditioners I’ve ever used. Not only does it strengthen my hair (after just one use — according to the L’Oreal Paris website), but the rosemary makes my hair super shiny and the mint keeps my locks smelling fresh and clean. The rosemary-mint combo also works as an aromatherapy to invigorate the senses. Try it — it’s seriously great. No one is paying me to say this, I just LOVE this product enough to promote it. It’s de-liciously cheap and seriously good for your hair.

Pinky’s ‘Best of’ Mutt List: Top 7 People-Pleasing Dog Breeds

Bruiser, beagle mix

Every breed of dog has its own unique and lovable traits that dog owners find endearing.

This is pinky’s personal list of the dog breeds that are the most eager to please their humans. But first…

Bruiser’s Story


Bruiser at MCHS

This is my dog, Bruiser (aka, Chubbs, Monkey, Fat Boy, etc.) and a plethora of other nicknames.

I adopted him from the Madison County Humane Society in October of 2011 (he was rescued from a local kill shelter and brought to us).

As you can imagine, this adorable little face captured my heart instantly and it didn’t take long for him to show his equally sweet personality either, which is what completely won me over — leaving me defenseless against his charm.



I had no other choice but to adopt him into my family. A family that, at that point, consisted of 8 indoor/outdoor country cats and one dachshund with an “only-dog mentality”.

Surprisingly,..very surprisingly, in fact…he fit right in.


He had won me over, and my fiance over and even my finicky, jealous Jetta girl.

Bruiser and Jetta

Bruiser and Jetta

Now, he’s such a perfect piece of the mixed-up puzzle, that is my family. It’s hard to imagine life being any other way, but with Bruiser in it.

He’s part beagle, part chihuahua and part something else…his beagle tendencies are the strongest and most endearing, however. He rolls over submissively, follows me around religiously (he’s sleeping right beside me as I type), he’s obedient and learns tricks quickly. An all-around loyal, good-natured people dog.

Although, the chihuahua in him does come out, on occasion.

<If you were wondering — chihuahuas are NOT on this list. Unfortunately, they don’t always show their good side to ALL people, just THEIR people. Not on the list, but they’re loveable, just the same.>

My point is — the fact that Bruiser is a beagle mix made it so much easier when it came to adapting to our crazy clan — even the cats liked him. Some did. Or at least they tolerated his presence, which was shocking, in and of itself.



More about Pinky’s silly fur babies later. Let’s get down to business…

I think mutts tend to be the most people-pleasing of all. But when it comes down to dishing, actual breeds — here’s Pinky’s top 7 people-pleasing dog breeds, at random.

  • Beagles



As mentioned above, beagles are for the most part, very eager to please their people. They’re a cheerful breed that is brimming with charming personality (& I can attest to that). This breed is a great companion dog to people of all ages. Beagles make great therapy dogs by handling meet-and-greets with flair. Their huge personalities and cheerful nature are just a few of the loving qualities beagles can boast.

  • Pugs

Pugs don’t just have faces with character — they’re oozing it (character and personality, that is). They’re one of my favorite small breed dogs for this very reason. Pugs are also charming and endearing and full of character. They make new friends easily (kids and adults) and love to follow their owners from room to room — something Bruiser does religiously.




<side note: slight possibility Bruiser may be a “pug mixture” or part pug, if you have any input on this matter – after viewing his pics – I’d love to hear it.>

  • Maltesemaltese 2

This little charmer loves attention. These white, fluffy furballs of fun learn tricks quickly to please and charm their owners. They’re affable and have a way of charming their way onto your lap with their cuteness. This cheerful little dog makes a great pet for seniors, adults and older children.ID-10025454 ID-10087180

  • Cavalier (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel)

Pinky thinks this sweet, gentle breed was born (& bred) to be a companion to humans/lap dog. They give lots of love. They love to be petted. And they make the perfect companion to all people, young and old. The adorable, little cavalier goes with people like milk with cookies. (hmmm…I’m hungry now and wish I had a cavalier to hold).

  • Flat Coat Retrieverflat coat2

This happy, spirited dog is about as carefree as they come. He loves to play and the more humans that are involved in the fun — the more fun he’ll have. This active breed craves attention from people. And when they’re not running, swimming or jumping — they’re busy sticking to their owners, like glue.

  • Irish Setterirish setter2 irish setter1

These boisterous boys and girls are a ball of fun and love being the center of attention. They love to have their people as an entourage while they’re romping and playing. Owners with lots of energy and an excellent sense of humor will be the perfect match for this happy breed.

  • Collie



TV dogs like Lassie are an ideal snapshot of the collie breed. These beautiful and caring dogs are smart, valiant, and have a special knack for understanding people. In pinky’s experience with this beloved breed, they’re always happy to show love and affection to any and all humans who are around.

Pinky’s honorable mentions that didn’t make it to the list include: golden retrievers, golden doodles (shout out to my boy, Calvin!), boxers, bichons and English labrador retrievers.

Calvin, the super golden-doodle

Thank you for reading! Bruiser

Yours Truly,


Pinky’s Sunday Flick Picks (V.1)

If you’ve read my other posts, you know I’m passionate about a lot of things.

….and now, I’ll talk about my love for movies.

I love curling up with a good movie or TV show, especially on the weekends. & especially one with a decent plot and a solid script. & of course, there must be food involved.

I’ll admit, there are a million movies out there and, many of them I haven’t seen. In 2008 I worked for a video store and in my time there, I saw more than a normal person’s fair share of movies.

I tended to go a bit overboard, renting huge stacks of movies knowing I couldn’t possibly view them all within the allotted rental time. It’s insanity, I know but, I just couldn’t help myself.

I wanted to cram as many movies into my head, as possible.

And my sales were good + rentals were free..why not?

Here’s one of my favorite Bob’s Burger clips to break up the monotony — my favorite character, bunny-hat donning Louise gets a crush…

Even though you didn’t ask, here are my top five favorite movie genres:

  1. comedy
  2. romantic-comedy
  3. fantasy
  4. documentaries
  5. horror…I also like horror-comedy combos, but we’ll discuss that next week…

In terms of movies, I don’t tend to go out to the movies, per say. I prefer to keep my $10 or $20 and watch it on Netflix or rent it. Usually, on my couch or in my pajamas, in the comfort of home. Needless to say, due to my anti-theater penny pinching, my movie viewing is only oldies but goodies, the slightly newly released and the occasional “new release”.

But I DO love movies, and there are already a ton of them out there with new releases spitting out every week. So let’s get this film party started.

Pinky’s Flick Pick of The Week

If you like Steve Carrell or Kiera Knightly or irony at its finest..I dig all 3, you might be interested in watching — “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”.

If you like music for your viewing pleasure, check this clip:

<a class=”smarterwiki-linkify” href=”

Pinky’s Tantalizing TV Pick of the Week

Where is it always sunny? In Philadelphia, of course.

Actually, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce — it’s actually only sunny in Philly 56% of the year…but 56 is my favorite number so it all works out : ).

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is one of my top 10, hands down, favorite TV shows. Just so you know..

I’m not sure if they’re going off of a script or making it up as they go along, like improv but it’s hysterically wrong. There’s nothing they won’t say. To sum it up, in my words: It’s a cluster of words and actions leaving all thought of consequence and personal impact in the dust. So, if you’re the easily offended type — you’ve been warned.

P. My  first “sunny” post. I can’t promise I won’t post more…I might. <side note: you most definitely can watch all 7 seasons of “It’s Always Sunny” on>


Stay tuned next week kiddies — for the comprehensive ‘Pinky’s  Horror, Haunts and Zombie Boo Flicks Top 25 List’. Halloween is almost heeeeeerrree…


Pinky Chai: The Goods

Love it..

*Pinky’s Pick*

I love good products.

Good products that are cheap — I love even more.

Pinky wants to tell you about a delicious product….you can’t eat it but you’ll want to.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub

This sugar scrub smells Ah-mazing! The scent is unisex so it’s great for guys, too. It leaves my skin smelling great, feeling soft and gives me a warm glow.

& it costs around $5 at Wal-mart, Target, or other department stores.


Tree Hut”s Shea Extra Rich Moisturizing Lotion in Yummy Scents Like Coconut Lime, Brazilian Nut and Tropical Mango

Show off your sexy confidence and check it out. I promise you’ll love it.

Psst…..Also, check out their other products and other flavors at Tree Hut they have like body wash, extra rich body cream, foot scrub and more….ALL containing skin-softening shea butter….to make you look and feel yummy!.

Pinky Chai Hits The Grits

Good morning! Well, I hadn’t planned on discussing food, but after titling this post I now, feel it is inevitable. And my insatiable appetite agrees. Food, after all is the sustenance of life. In many peoples’ cases, food is life. For me, this is most definitely the case. Pinky and good food have a long, … Continue reading

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