Pinky’s ‘Best of’ Mutt List: Top 7 People-Pleasing Dog Breeds

Bruiser, beagle mix

Every breed of dog has its own unique and lovable traits that dog owners find endearing.

This is pinky’s personal list of the dog breeds that are the most eager to please their humans. But first…

Bruiser’s Story


Bruiser at MCHS

This is my dog, Bruiser (aka, Chubbs, Monkey, Fat Boy, etc.) and a plethora of other nicknames.

I adopted him from the Madison County Humane Society in October of 2011 (he was rescued from a local kill shelter and brought to us).

As you can imagine, this adorable little face captured my heart instantly and it didn’t take long for him to show his equally sweet personality either, which is what completely won me over — leaving me defenseless against his charm.



I had no other choice but to adopt him into my family. A family that, at that point, consisted of 8 indoor/outdoor country cats and one dachshund with an “only-dog mentality”.

Surprisingly,..very surprisingly, in fact…he fit right in.


He had won me over, and my fiance over and even my finicky, jealous Jetta girl.

Bruiser and Jetta

Bruiser and Jetta

Now, he’s such a perfect piece of the mixed-up puzzle, that is my family. It’s hard to imagine life being any other way, but with Bruiser in it.

He’s part beagle, part chihuahua and part something else…his beagle tendencies are the strongest and most endearing, however. He rolls over submissively, follows me around religiously (he’s sleeping right beside me as I type), he’s obedient and learns tricks quickly. An all-around loyal, good-natured people dog.

Although, the chihuahua in him does come out, on occasion.

<If you were wondering — chihuahuas are NOT on this list. Unfortunately, they don’t always show their good side to ALL people, just THEIR people. Not on the list, but they’re loveable, just the same.>

My point is — the fact that Bruiser is a beagle mix made it so much easier when it came to adapting to our crazy clan — even the cats liked him. Some did. Or at least they tolerated his presence, which was shocking, in and of itself.



More about Pinky’s silly fur babies later. Let’s get down to business…

I think mutts tend to be the most people-pleasing of all. But when it comes down to dishing, actual breeds — here’s Pinky’s top 7 people-pleasing dog breeds, at random.

  • Beagles



As mentioned above, beagles are for the most part, very eager to please their people. They’re a cheerful breed that is brimming with charming personality (& I can attest to that). This breed is a great companion dog to people of all ages. Beagles make great therapy dogs by handling meet-and-greets with flair. Their huge personalities and cheerful nature are just a few of the loving qualities beagles can boast.

  • Pugs

Pugs don’t just have faces with character — they’re oozing it (character and personality, that is). They’re one of my favorite small breed dogs for this very reason. Pugs are also charming and endearing and full of character. They make new friends easily (kids and adults) and love to follow their owners from room to room — something Bruiser does religiously.




<side note: slight possibility Bruiser may be a “pug mixture” or part pug, if you have any input on this matter – after viewing his pics – I’d love to hear it.>

  • Maltesemaltese 2

This little charmer loves attention. These white, fluffy furballs of fun learn tricks quickly to please and charm their owners. They’re affable and have a way of charming their way onto your lap with their cuteness. This cheerful little dog makes a great pet for seniors, adults and older children.ID-10025454 ID-10087180

  • Cavalier (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel)

Pinky thinks this sweet, gentle breed was born (& bred) to be a companion to humans/lap dog. They give lots of love. They love to be petted. And they make the perfect companion to all people, young and old. The adorable, little cavalier goes with people like milk with cookies. (hmmm…I’m hungry now and wish I had a cavalier to hold).

  • Flat Coat Retrieverflat coat2

This happy, spirited dog is about as carefree as they come. He loves to play and the more humans that are involved in the fun — the more fun he’ll have. This active breed craves attention from people. And when they’re not running, swimming or jumping — they’re busy sticking to their owners, like glue.

  • Irish Setterirish setter2 irish setter1

These boisterous boys and girls are a ball of fun and love being the center of attention. They love to have their people as an entourage while they’re romping and playing. Owners with lots of energy and an excellent sense of humor will be the perfect match for this happy breed.

  • Collie



TV dogs like Lassie are an ideal snapshot of the collie breed. These beautiful and caring dogs are smart, valiant, and have a special knack for understanding people. In pinky’s experience with this beloved breed, they’re always happy to show love and affection to any and all humans who are around.

Pinky’s honorable mentions that didn’t make it to the list include: golden retrievers, golden doodles (shout out to my boy, Calvin!), boxers, bichons and English labrador retrievers.

Calvin, the super golden-doodle

Thank you for reading! Bruiser

Yours Truly,


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