Pinky Chai’s Horror, Haunts and Zombie Boo Flicks Top 25 List

Pinky Chai’s Horror, Haunts and Zombie Boo Flicks Top 25 List __ Carefully crafted by Pinky ID-10060318

Here it is: Pinky Chai’s Horror, Haunts and Zombie Boo Flicks Top 25 List:

25. Amityville Horror

24. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane <Classically Wicked>

23. Rosemary’s Baby

22. Dawn of The Dead

The Bone Tingling Trailer:

21. The Haunting in Connecticut

20. Scream

19. The Craft

Cult-Classic of Pinky’s Generation:

18. The Happening

17. Gothika

16. The Glass House

A thriller, but heart-pumping just the same :

15. Silence of The Lambs

14. 28 Days

13. Friday The 13th

12. The People Under The Stairs

creeeeeepy… :

11. Stigmata

10. Final Destination <Pinky couldn’t cross railroad tracks, fly on a plane or walk under a hanging sign for a solid week without cringing!>

9. Tales From The Crypt

8. The Others

7. Psycho

The Infamous Shower-Knife-Murder Scene :

6. Mothman Prophecies

5. Copycat  <scared the holy sugar out of Pinky!>

4. Jeepers Creepers <They progressively get worse with each sequel, but it’s’s too fake to be scary — that’s why it’s on the Pinky list!>

Jeepers Creepers (original) :

Jeepers Creepers 2 :

Jeepers Creepers 3 Cathedral :

3. Otis <Watch ‘Otis’ Pinky’s favorite horror-comedy>

Sick & Twisted:

2. Zombieland <Pinky’s fave zombie movie!>

1. Halloween

Halloween (Pinky’s Fave — Le Originale) :


ID-100199803(2)That’s the list, gremlins!

Pinky’s Scary Movie Spoof Pick:

A Haunted House

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<<Stay Tuned Next Week My Pretties — ‘Pinky’s Top 13 Stephen King Horror Flick List’. Yes, he requires his own list.>>

Who’s Afraid of Pinky Chai?

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Spiders – You, cunning trend-setter, you…

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Ghosts – Ghouls and Guys, you’re confident AND ambitious..BOO-yah!

You’re strong and secure in your convictions (even in terms of ghosts, which many dismiss with disbelief). You are a bold leader that believes in their own abilities —  rock on!

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Heights – “You know what I did last summer..” — you’re perceptive

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Horror Films – You’re oozing with creative energy!

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Snakes – You’re one smart (and adaptable) Halloween cookie!

You have a keen sense of survival and find you adapt easily to many different situations. This isn’t only useful when keeping an eye out for venomous snakes in the wild, but in the wilderness that is, your career, love life, etc… If danger is brewing you’re quick to spot it and sidestep it.


Tight Spaces – Wildly independent

You don’t like being confined. You push the limits past the boundaries that keep others held back. Your self-reliant attitude will get you out of “scary” situations and on the best (and most exciting) path possible for you. ID-10096105






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