Pinky’s Hit List of Cultures That Love Their Food

1. Mexico

Mexico hits the top of the list because that is exactly what I’m talking about in ‘hits the grits’ AND their lunchtime fiesta is exacly my type of meal. It’s celebrated from 1pm to 3pm every day and it’s considered impolite to leave the table until an “acceptable amount of time has passed”. Then, they get to take a nap, heck yes! Do your thing with your food-lovin’ selves, Mexico — definitely two pinkys up!

2. Jordan

Jordan makes the list because like, Mexico — their main meal is celebrated in the middle of the day and it’s a big one AND because the food sounds delicious — two pinkys for eating things like, rice, olives, yogurt, something similar to feta, flatbreads, fruits and vegetables.

3. Crete

In Crete, food in restaurants is shared between everyone at the table — I like this. Cretians get one pinky.

4. France

The French eat 3x a day, no snacks : ( but what landed France on the list is their apparent love for food. They typically, eat a light breakfast (sad…but here’s the good part). The skimpy breakfast is followed by a large, laid-back lunch. And the big lunch is followed by a 4+ course dinner. Hopefully, the two massive meals would make up for lack of a hearty breakfast. No matter. Pinky loves it, two pinkys.

5. Africa

Africans traditionally take great pleasure in their food — across the board. They thoroughly enjoy the eating/dining experience and like for it to be as entertaining, as possible. They’re also very hospitable hosts which is always a plus. Here you go Africa, two pinkys for your focus on the overall food experience.

6. Most of Europe

Finally, Europeans must have mention as they are inclined to eating a large breakfast…and it’s often served with tea. One pinky up for tea and breakfast!


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