About Pinky

Getting up Close And Personal With Pinky

Getting up Close And Personal With Pinky

Pinky’s site needed an ‘About Pinky’ section, so here you are….’like me’ or ‘love me’…those are your only 2 options.


  • Pinky loves butter!
  • Pinky loves cheese too, but not American cheese — except on grilled cheese & even then, pepper jack is her #1 choice. Pepper jack is incredible.
  • Which brings me to discuss Pinky’s love of spicy food — it’s a beautiful relationship, it really is. Pinky loves to push her taste buds to the limits with spicy food & the spicier, the better. Habanero peppers are past the limit, but that’s about it.
  • Pinky loves fruits and vegetables. She eats them daily, which is good & Pinky pats herself on the back for this small feat. HowEVER, Pinky also has a horrible obsession with sugar…we’re talking: she could eat an entire cake or dozen donuts in one sitting…probably.. Sadly, this cancels out the healthy goodness of her fruit and vegetable intake. But what is Pinky to do? Boston cream is her nemesis.



  • Pinky thinks she might be Asian, although neither parent looks it…she’s convinced…something was awry ; )…just kidding, sort of.ID-100112980
  • Pinky doesn’t know the actual color of her hair — pretty sure it’s some sort of red, though.


  • Pinky met the love of her life, “Blue J”, stranded on the side of the road. She gave him a ride home and it was over, for Pinky Chai and Blue J. They’ve been blissfully happy for the past 8 years and counting…
  • Pinky loves love songs. & anti-love songs – to keep it balanced. The ONLY genre Pinky doesn’t like is bluegrass.


  • Pinky loves and appreciates ALL animals, even bugs, but there are two species that terrify her: birds and possums (or oppossums, however you say it – they’re flippin’ scary).
  • Pinky has two four-legged kids: Jetta, the doxie who is 6 & Bruiser, the chuggle, chug, cheagle or something mix who is around 3. They both come to “here, kitty kitty”
  • Pinky has wanted a variety of “exotic” pets throughout the years including an iguana (age 12), a monkey (age 10), a turtle (age 9) and a snake (age 19). Pinky has never gotten her wish..


  • Pinky’s mind wanders…a lot. Pretty sure she has some level of ADD..even though she tries to pass it off as being dedicated to the art of writing.
  • Pinky has always been an early riser. Usually, waking around 3 or 4 am is typical. Much to Pinky’s dismay — this is the case whether she’s gotten 6 hours of sleep or only 3. But, this is Pinky’s way and it always has been.
  • P. Chai got her nickname because chai tea is her favorite drink & she always drinks, pinky up~! There are a few other reasons, but we’ll save those for later.
  • Other nicknames of Pinky Chai are: “Slinky”, “Eggs and Legs”, “Stretch”, “Tall Girl”, “Peaches” and “Cheerio”, just to name a few.

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